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What I’m Doing After

I see the lives of children surrounded by those held dearest more precious than anything else. Journeys lived filled with the joy of companionship simply sweeps people through life leaving no questions about where to go or what to do, because everyone else is going to the same place and doing the same things. School, sports, family, friends; it differs from person to person and yet remains much the same. Young people’s lives may be guided and supported by family and friends, friends especially, which is easy because I see them all moving in the same direction: onward.

But after high school, what then? Now lives begin to move in separate direction, for all will have to set goals to achieve and dreams to fulfill that are different from everyone else’s. But friends still remain friends, and the time spent together is more precious than ever before. But for the first time, people are faced with questions that only they can answer, and lives that can only be lived by themselves; they alone must choose where to go and what to do. The question is put before all: What am I going to do after?

I would like to thank:

My friends, Stefanie Aguilar and April Wade for being such great friends. Thank you so much for helping me with the photo-essay.


© Josue Salinas Photography